Lawson Trail reopens at Hood Mountain Regional Park and Open Space Preserve

2 June 2021

Outdoor enthusiasts will once again be able to hike, bike or ride in parts of Hood Mountain Regional Park and Open Space Preserve this summer when Sonoma County Regional Parks re-opens the Sonoma Valley park to limited public access on June 1, 2021. Hood Mountain Regional Park has been closed since September 2020, when the Glass Fire burned approximately 80 percent of the 2,000-acre park.

In contrast to the fire damage Hood Mountain park suffered after the 2017 Nuns Fire, the Glass Fire resulted in significantly more damaged trees throughout the burn area, in part due to the fact that trees that had burned in 2017 were far more susceptible to another wildfire only three years later. Additionally, the park’s two access roads, Los Alamos Road on the west side and Pythian Road on the east side, sustained infrastructure damage during the blaze, affecting safe access.

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