Sonoma City Trail anchors town’s biking network

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The Sonoma City Trail, often referred to as “the city bike path,” extends just 1.5 miles, from the Sonoma Highway across the street from Maxwell Farms Regional Park to its terminus, or turnaround, at Fourth Street East.

Pedestrians usually outnumber bicyclists. Walking singly, in pairs or larger groups they dominate the narrow paved trail’s traffic ‒ it’s only eight to 10 feet wide ‒ along with the occasional dog walker, and the bicyclists usually travel alone.

In a small city like Sonoma, this is probably how it should be, a busy multi-use trail that emphasizes human-powered travel.

Like many successful bike/pedestrian trails, the Sonoma City Trail was built to follow a railroad easement, and almost midway in its course it passes the Depot Park Museum, a historic train depot that’s now open on weekends with local history exhibits.

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