Summer ain’t always sweet in Sonoma County

29 June 2021

Between crowded beaches and neighborhoods, we’re finding that Sonoma County is a little saltier than sweet.

On the hottest day of the year so far, two friends and I went to the beach. That is, we tried. Due to limited mobility, we needed a beach with easy access. Hopefully at the ocean, not on the bay.

Wright’s Beach looked promising. But as it turned out, that part of the parking lot was closed off due to construction. Nothing on the State Parks website had warned about that.

The ranger suggested we go to Goat Rock. A movie crew was there, filming what turned out to be a car commercial. We did a path down to the beach, but it went up before it went down, and walking 20 feet on sand was not possible for my friend. We actually went to six beaches that day, but none provided anything resembling wheelchair access. Isn’t wheelchair access required by law?

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