Several Marion County residents share thoughts on commercial flights to Ocala International Airport

26 February 2022

Several Marion County residents recently weighed in on the topic of bringing commercial flights to Ocala International Airport.

“My husband and I just moved here from Santa Rosa, California. Coming from Santa Rosa, it gave me first-hand experience of a city that had an airport that turned to having commercial flights in the 30-plus years that I lived there. There was much protest and years of squabbling in obtaining commercial flights at the airport. I owned a home in the flight paths of the airport and never had issues with the noise. It never changed my property values. I sold my home at a premium with $70,000 over asking. We now fly back to California every six weeks for business and fly right into Charles M. Schulz-Sonoma County Airport (STS), and it’s wonderful to be able to do this. Ocala reminds me so much of the way Santa Rosa used to be 20 years ago. I believe having airport access available would just make it even more wonderful of a place to live for everyone. This is coming from first-hand experience of a small town progressing in a positive way,” says Ocala resident Maria Shahi.

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