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Bay Area Zoos & Wildlife Experiences for Families

A trip to the zoo has always been a treasured outing for families, and today’s zoos offer a chance to not only observe and meet animals in naturalistic habitats but to learn about conservation and how we’re working to protect them in the wild as well. In the San Francisco Bay Area, we have a… Keep Reading

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Santa Rosa dog recovering well after mountain lion attack

SANTA ROSA, Calif. (KRON) — Sherman the Border Collie is doing remarkably well after a scary incident in which a Sonoma County mountain lion dragged the dog by its neck. “It was a crazy night,” Bennett Valley resident Rebecca Kracker told KRON4. At dusk on November 28, Kracker heard her usually mild-mannered dog growling inside… Keep Reading

The re-beavering of the Bay Area

In a deep muddy creek near Silicon Valley’s busiest freeway, a large furry head pokes up. And then quickly submerges. The brief sighting, along with a growing collection of video footage, confirms something remarkable: After being hunted to extinction in the 1800s, the North American beaver is returning to the creeks of the San Francisco… Keep Reading

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