Does the US government have to power to mandate vaccines at private employers? Attorneys weigh in

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Many people are questioning the legality of the government or employers mandating vaccines.

The federal mandate is expected to affect about 80 million people or about two-thirds of the work force.

“So far, it appears that the president is basing his authority to impose the mandate on the private sector on a set of statutes that empowers a federal agency — OSHA — to prescribe regulations to protect workers from ‘personal injuries and illnesses arising out of work situations,’” said attorney Rex Grady, a constitutional law professor at Empire College School of Law in Santa Rosa. “It seems doubtful that a contagious disease is the kind of danger OSHA was empowered to address.”

He believes employees could assert medical privacy, the First Amendment and disparity when it comes to people working at smaller companies not having to be vaccinated or tested regularly as reasons to fight the mandate.

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