Envisioning an Inn on Santa Rosa Island

6 November 2020


As the second largest chunk of Channel Islands National Park, and yet with a fraction of the visitors to Santa Cruz or Anacapa islands, Santa Rosa Island is a wonderland for lovers of nature and solitude. But visitors tend to be of the hardier sort, forced to endure a multi-hour ferry ride across often rough waters, trudge a couple of miles to the existing campground, survive in mostly backcountry conditions during their stay, and then hike for many more miles to see the island’s primary sights.

The National Park Service would like to make that experience easier for a wider portion of the population while also preserving the island’s historic ranch complex in Becher’s Bay, once home to the legendary Vail & Vickers cattle operation. Based on the directives approved in a 2015 management plan, they are now seeking suggestions from the private sector for a financially feasible plan to develop lodging, food and beverage, trailhead transportation, and camper support services, such as a small store. Hoping to launch these updated options in 2024, the park is soliciting such ideas until February 2021.

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