Finding Grace: She lived in a Santa Rosa park for 3 years. Then, suddenly, she and her belongings were gone.

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For more than three years, Grace Davis lived on Schurman Drive in north Santa Rosa.

She lived alone. No pets, no kids. She spent most of her time in Steele Lane Park, regardless of the weather, making conversation with friends and strangers alike.

She seemed to know everyone in the tight-knit neighborhood. The neighbor who lived just behind her. The couple across Schurman Drive. The woman on Steele Lane whose home backs up to the park. The man who walks his dog in the park.

Neighbors, who ultimately became friends, described 58-year-old Grace Davis as friendly, educated and positive. A true source of support.

One called her “Amazing Grace.”

So when, on the morning of April 5, neighbors saw no sign of Grace, their worry was immediate.

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