Here’s the Thanksgiving holiday weather forecast — and what it means for your travels

23 November 2022

The atmospheric kitchen is cooking up everything from fire weather to rain and snow for California’s holiday weekend. Each part of the state will get a chance to taste one or more of these weather dishes as they build up on the platter over the next few days.

This hodgepodge of weather is being stuffed into the state by two competing weather systems. The first will be a dry, high-pressure system that will raise temperatures, winds and fire concerns for parts of California on Thanksgiving Day. The second will be a low-pressure system that will dip into Northern California on Saturday night and into Sunday, potentially creating a slick, rainy situation for travelers trying to get back home. Some holiday travelers may even wind up dealing with snow before all is said and done.

Both systems will roll into California at the start and end of the holiday weekend, and each one will bring its own unique spin for travelers to navigate.

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