How to enjoy Sonoma County like you just moved here

10 October 2023

Sonoma County, the land of good food, drink and the beautiful outdoors. After looking for a reporting job for about a year in Sonoma County, I finally gave in and applied for a job out of town. It didn’t take long until I started to hear Sonoma County calling me back. I missed the leisurely walks around Spring Lake Park, I missed my mom’s wonderful home-cooked vegan meals, I missed my adorable dogs and I missed the beach when the weather gets hot. I decided to return to Sonoma County.

The fall season may be the most beautiful and awe-inspiring time in Sonoma County. The trees begin to turn orange and yellow as they shed their summer leaves. The air begins to cool and is a welcome shift from the intense heat of the summer sun. The mild weather in Sonoma County, like a lot of places in California, means that most outdoor activities can be done year-round but it is the subtle changes of the season that brings the excitement of the coming holiday season with cooler days and cozy nights.

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