Model home on display in Wine Country built for wildfire country

21 November 2022

SANTA ROSA — October 8 marked the fifth anniversary of the wildfire that devastated parts of Santa Rosa. For many homeowners, the rebuilding process has gotten off to a slow start. Now a company is showing off a model home that promises to reduce construction time while reducing the impact of future wildfires in the area.

On Sunday, the sign on the street listed the fire hazard as “low,” meaning to some that the impact of wildfires can be “out of sight, out of mind.” Five years after the deadly Tubbs fire, those still rebuilding their homes in the Fountaingrove area are well aware of the situation.

“Where we are in Santa Rosa burned down with the 2017 fire, so just being able to rebuild fast enough is a big part of this as we go forward,” says Kellan Hannah, director of growth and development for a modular construction company called Dvele.

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