Running toward the past at Grossman’s Deli in downtown Santa Rosa, Railroad Square

1 December 2020

Excitement builds as you start the walk towards the front door of the restaurant. Maybe you are getting out of your car and you notice your anticipation just a bit. Maybe your tummy is growling and you’re just thinking about a quick meal. Maybe you are out shopping for the holidays and a great meal is part of the big day. Maybe you’re going to meet your friends and you’re happy. The moment you open the door the smells, sounds and sights can be a thrilling part of the dining out experience. Heading to the new Grossman’s Noshery & Bar in Railroad Square would get anyone’s heart pumping and spirits rising.

The regular walks from where you’ve been to the front door of where you are going occur constantly and all the time but sometimes, both walks towards the kitchen and walks with intention towards great cuisine destinations can become renown if you are curious about what’s cookin.’ The 4 blocks in Epernay between Moet and Mercier is epic. Galatoire’s to Lafitte’s Blacksmith for a nightcap in NOLA is always one giant laughing fit. One walk, the shortest one, is apropos of Grossman’s Noshery.

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