Russian River Historical Society celebrates 40 years

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A peek into the past: The Rio Theater and Bohemian Grove

I recently watched Oppenheimer at the Rio Theater. Great movie. Did you know the Manhattan Project was conceived at a planning meeting at our Bohemian Grove? Robert Oppenheimer, the presidents of Harvard, Yale, Princeton and various military officials were present.

Russian River Historical Society celebrates four decades

At the theater, I also attended “The River Remembers,” marking the 40th anniversary of the Russian River Historical Society. The event was led by Colin Mutchler. It seemed to be a sold-out event with compelling footage and chats with long-standing River families. Monte Rio’s history stands out in the River and, I believe, many other places. If only we could time-travel to relive its prime. I was glad to see a segment on gay history. After the event, there was a walking tour and refreshments at the Boho Manor. The weather and river views were breathtaking. I want to acknowledge Jane Barry, society president, for her years of leadership, as well as the board members and volunteers for a memorable event and for preserving our history. Visit for more.

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