Santa Rosa Fire Chief Tony Gossner retires after 30 years

23 December 2020

Some men retire and right away cut back on shaving to experiment with post-workaday facial hair. Tony Gossner, Santa Rosa’s departing fire chief, might not go that route, and not just in deference to reservations harbored by his wife, Chris.

Gossner last grew a mustache on a yearly fishing trip with buddies that concluded on the Sunday of Oct. 8, 2017. Shortly after he arrived home from near Mount Lassen, he was abruptly back to work, struggling to grasp the enormity and ferocity of the Tubbs fire.

Gossner, who’s 52 and a 1986 graduate of Sebastopol’s Analy High School, may never hearken back to what that firestorm inflicted on his city and on Sonoma County — 24 people killed, more than 5,300 homes destroyed — without tears returning.
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