Santa Rosa man recounts Florida shark attack, says it’s likely he’ll get back in the water

9 October 2020

SANTA ROSA, Calif. (KGO) — A Santa Rosa man says he’s lucky to be alive after being attacked by a shark in Florida.

31-year-old Mark Bowden was bitten in the leg while body surfing in Miami Beach Wednesday.

“I said did you feel that and he said ‘no’!” That was Bowden referring to the moment when he was bitten six times by a shark. Officials believe it was either a black tip shark or a baby bull shark.

“I was probably up to here in the water and it just felt like something punched my leg really hard. Saw how there was a big chunk taken out of it and I don’t know, luckily it didn’t hurt at all,” says Bowden who was then able to get out of the water and run to a lifeguard stand as he bled. “You know, I’ve heard shark teeth are like surgeon’s scalpel blades, they’re just so sharp. And so, I think it was a mix of that and adrenaline. I didn’t feel any pain,” he said.

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