Santa Rosa Tree Service Company Add No Contact Service to Comply with Covid Rules Read more:

24 December 2020

A top Santa Rosa, California tree service company, Tree Service Experts Santa Rosa, has adjusted their services to be in compliance with the new Covid-19 rules. The company now offers a no contact option for all their tree service offerings. The Santa Rosa community can now continue to receive Tree Service Experts Santa Rosa high quality services and be confident of their safety.

Company Representative, Koch Walter, stated, “Complying with the new Coronavirus precaution rules aligns with what has always been our number one priority which is the safety of our customers and workers.”

Tree Service Experts Santa Rosa also has added tree stump removal to their list of service offerings to customers. There are many good reasons to remove a tree stump, but some of the most important factors to consider before tree stump removal are the aesthetics of a home, the health of the existing flora, and even the safety of loved ones. Tree stumps take up a lot of valuable yard space. And they are often considered eyesores that reduce the curb appeal and property values. If a person ever decides to sell, potential buyers may not be keen on buying a place with tripping-hazard stumps in the yard. But curb appeal can be enhanced by removing the stumps and repurposing the space with a flower bed, picnic table, or patio set. Or the space can be left clear for an open, hazard-free area where kids can play safely. In addition to being hazardous and making property less appealing, old tree stumps are an ideal home for insects. Termites and ants can make their nests inside tree stumps. These pests can further infest nearby trees and potentially make their way inside homes.

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