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Santa Rosa dog recovering well after mountain lion attack

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SANTA ROSA, Calif. (KRON) — Sherman the Border Collie is doing remarkably well after a scary incident in which a Sonoma County mountain lion dragged the dog by its neck.

“It was a crazy night,” Bennett Valley resident Rebecca Kracker told KRON4. At dusk on November 28, Kracker heard her usually mild-mannered dog growling inside their house.

Sherman had a good reason for growling. A mountain lion entered the house through an open sliding glass door, grabbed onto Sherman with its teeth, and dragged the dog outside.

Cellphone video sent to KRON4 shows the Border Collie stunned and motionless on the ground while the snarling cougar stands over the dog.

“The thought process that happened in my head really fast was, ‘This is not normal. This is a mountain lion,’” Kracker said. She called a neighbor for help.

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New giraffe at Safari West named after 49er wide receiver

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After narrowing down choices among staff, Safari West put the power in the hands of the public when it came to naming the wildlife preserve’s new baby giraffe.


Yes, speedy San Francisco 49er wide receiver Deebo Samuel now has a giraffe named after him, at the popular safari and wildlife park in Santa Rosa. 

Deebo (the giraffe, not the receiver) weighed 117 pounds when he was born Oct. 6 to mother Nikki and father Kubwa.

Deebo is described as gangly and energetic, with an up-tempo gait he uses to chase the local cranes and do other all-around fun giraffe things.

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DVM class of ’21 donates to Good Samaritan Fund

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No one needs to tell Landon Brough, president of the 2021 Doctor of Veterinary Medicine class at Washington State University, or his peers just how special the bond between humans and their pets can be.

They have all seen it in their own patients and clients at the WSU Veterinary Teaching Hospital.

It is why they decided to donate $4,000 of their class treasury to WSU’s Good Samaritan Fund. The fund was established more than two decades ago by WSU veterinary students to help animals in need of care but who were either ownerless or their owners could not afford treatment. In 2020 alone, the fund awarded more than $100,000 to help provide critical care to 179 animals at the WSU veterinary hospital in Pullman.

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