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What’s Driving Relentless Storms Against the West Coast?

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Due to two catastrophic anomalies occurring at the same time over the West Coast, two terms, “atmospheric river,” and “bomb cyclones” will be forever remembered as the cause of record amounts of rain, flash flooding, and mudslides this year as a near continuous storm lasting from Dec. 31 to Jan. 9 occurred throughout the region. 

Breaking a years-long dried streak, the 2022-2023 winter season brought in unseasonably wet conditions as multiple atmospheric rivers, frontal systems, and a “bomb cyclone” inundated the entire coastline, resulting in heavy rainfall that saturated much of California, and caused localized riverine and flash flooding, causing mudslides in the process.

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Bay Area braces for more as new drenching starts, Newsom seeks federal aid

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As another round of drenching, windy weather bore down on already-hammered California, Gov. Gavin Newsom on Sunday asked President Biden to declare an emergency to help with storm response in the state.

Newsom said the emergency declaration would unlock the “full support of the federal government” in the face of yet more fierce storms predicted this week that could lead to more flooding, landslides and power failures on top of last week’s deadly bomb cyclone deluge.

Newsom said he was confident, based on his conversations with White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain, that Biden would declare an emergency.

“We are doing all we can to be as proactive as we can,” Newsom said at a news conference.

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The Surprising Bay Area Stories Behind Those Small-Town Hats Everyone is Wearing

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Do you feel like you’ve been seeing black trucker hats emblazoned with patches that name-check small-town California everywhere you look? Well, it’s because you have.

Luke Fraser, the founder of Bart Bridge and the man responsible for the ubiquitous embroidered patch caps, says people are always telling him they see his hats all over the place. “It’s one of those things I keep hearing,” Fraser said. “And I don’t know what to make of it.”

Part of the hats’ charm is that they give people a way to show allegiance to smaller towns and the local lore they grew up with—it’s far more specific than wearing a Dodgers or Giants cap, according to Fraser.

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The re-beavering of the Bay Area

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In a deep muddy creek near Silicon Valley’s busiest freeway, a large furry head pokes up. And then quickly submerges.

The brief sighting, along with a growing collection of video footage, confirms something remarkable: After being hunted to extinction in the 1800s, the North American beaver is returning to the creeks of the San Francisco Bay Area.

Ecosystem explorers, beavers were re-introduced to Lexington Reservoir in Los Gatos about four decades ago, and made homes in upper Los Gatos Creek. Since then, they’ve expanded their range north along the edge of the Bay to the Guadalupe River, Coyote Creek, San Tomas Aquino Creek in the wetlands by Sunnyvale’s Water Pollution Control Plant – and, now, Palo Alto’s Matadero Creek.

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Offshore winds rolling into California today. Here’s how they’ll impact the Bay Area

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It’s a cold morning across the Bay Area but temperatures are about to take a bit of turn today. Warm, dry air is filtering into the Napa Mountains and Diablo Range. This air will accelerate as it pools into San Francisco Bay, clearing out any lingering clouds and fog in its tracks.

It was only a matter of time before these dry, offshore and northeast winds – aka the Diablo winds — made their appearance. Southern California is also set to see the return of its Santa Ana winds while the Santa Barbara coast can expect Sundowners all along the Pacific Coast Highway.

Given all the rain and snow we’ve seen over the past few weeks, how concerned should Californians be about new wildfires during this week’s wind event? Depending on which part of the state you live in, the answer will vary quite a bit.

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Gas prices hitting new heights in Sonoma County and beyond. Here’s why

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At the Safeway gas station on Mendocino Ave. in Santa Rosa, a driver for KAG West gets ready to top of underground gas tanks, Tuesday, March 8, 2022. The declined to give his name. (Kent Porter / The Press Democrat) 2022

The thought of paying $5 for a gallon of gas once seemed far fetched, but these days Sonoma County drivers are now enduring the reality of spending closer to $6 per gallon.

The North Bay, like other parts of California and the country, can only watch gasoline prices skyrocket as the world oil market continues to be shaken by Russia’s invasion into Ukraine.

As of Tuesday, the cost of a gallon of regular unleaded fuel at stations across the region varied from $5.19 to as much as $6.39, according to gasbuddy.com.

Higher-priced gas stations, such as Chevron and Shell, saw very little business, while lines of consumers stretched from less-expensive spots run by Safeway and Costco.

Windsor resident Martin Woods, 58, was among the few drivers pumping fuel for $6.39 per gallon at the Santa Rosa Chevron at Mendocino Avenue and Steele Lane Tuesday evening. He said he was reluctantly showing loyalty to his regular fuel stop.

“Last week I paid about $40 for a tank, now it’s nearly $70,” he said as he topped off his Kia Forte. “I’m not sure how long I can do this. I hope everything gets better soon over there (in Europe).”

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Five Reasons to Love California Wine Country This Summer

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SAN FRANCISCOMay 20, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — With summer just around the corner, there’s no better time to get outside—and no better place to do it than California wine country. The summer season in the Golden State’s diverse wine regions is a special time with its beautiful weather and fun activities. Winery patios await, al fresco activities abound and scenic views of vines and grape clusters are all part of the experience. Wineries have started to reopen and are looking forward to welcoming guests. To assure you have a spot, plan your visit ahead of time with a reservation.

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