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Where Was Scream Filmed? Check Out The Neve Campbell-starrer Scream Filming Locations

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Scream is a popular horror film. The movie franchise is currently at the filming stage of its 5th instalment. The movie Scream 5 is expected to bring back the old members including Neve Campbell, David Arquette, Courtney Cox and Marley Shelton as Sidney Prescott, Dewey Riley, Gale Weathers and Judy Hicks, from the previous four Scream movies. While Scream 5, is being shot at a studio located in Wilmington, in North Carolina, here is a list of the filming location for the original 1996 movie Scream.

Santa Rosa, California

The iconic house where the ending of the movie was filmed is located in California. The house is often called as Stu’s house in the movie, while the screenplay of the film refers to the scene shot in the house as ‘Scene 118’. Here is the picture of the Scream movie house, which is situated in Santa Rosa, California.

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Sonoma County family entertainment businesses rally for relief from COVID-19 restrictions

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People supporting the reopening of local family entertainment businesses hold signs for cars passing by during a rally at Old Courthouse Square in Santa Rosa, Calif., on Sunday, October 11, 2020. (BETH SCHLANKER/ The Press Democrat)

Since 1976, Cal Skate has been part of the lives of hundreds of thousands of Sonoma County residents — whether for birthday parties, date nights or training for inline speed skating competitions.

But, like other entertainment venues that rely predominantly on indoor space, its future is in doubt from closure due to COVID-19 pandemic. Owner Jeannie Saya said she has no idea when she will be able to open under the four-tier framework put in place this summer by state public health officials.

“It’s already getting dicey,” said Saya, who rescued the Rohnert Park facility in a 2003 purchase as the roller skating rink was then about to close. Now it is on similarly shaky footing.

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