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Project Home: Eviction Moratorium A Lifeline For Struggling Bay Area Renters But For Some It’s Too Late

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SANTA ROSA – Time is running out for the state legislature to extend California’s eviction moratorium. If lawmakers don’t pass a bill this week, one in five Californians could lose their housing.

“I’m like really distressed, so as you can see, I cry a lot,” Ofelia Camacho said.

The statewide eviction moratorium is the only thing keeping Camacho’s parents and their family of seven off the street.

“I feel like my parents have helped out the community a lot. We’ve given out a lot and we feel like the community does not have our backs,” Camacho said.

Despite the moratorium, their landlord has tried to evict them three times this year, mostly for allegedly having too many people living in one home.

Camacho’s father used to work at a local vineyard but suffered nerve damage in his legs when heavy machinery fell on him. Still, they’ve managed to pay rent, selling items at the flea market and borrowing from other family members. She is worried that generosity could soon run out.

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California lawmaker aims to extend pandemic eviction ban through 2021

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Roomates, from right, David Kiddoo, Andy Leigh, and Kim Bagala, pose for a portrait in the backyard of their rented home in Santa Rosa, California, on Thursday, October 15, 2020. (Alvin A.H. Jornada / The Press Democrat)

Extension of federal and state bans on evictions may not be enough says a state lawmaker who proposes the state keep the ban through 2021.

“California is staring down an eviction cliff if we don’t extend it. People still can’t pay their rent,” California Assemblyman David Chiu, D-San Francisco, told the Business Journal.

The current moratorium expires Feb. 1, 2021. Chiu is concerned much of the state’s population won’t be vaccinated until halfway through 2021 and possibly under shutdown orders. On Dec. 7, he introduced Assembly Bill 15.

In addition to requiring tenants to sign a declaration of “COVID hardship”, AB15 would mandate a tenant to pay a quarter of the monthly rent retroactively from Sept. 1 through next year to avoid eviction. To get the remainder, property will need to sue in small claims courts.
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North Bay property owners, managers fear impact of eviction bans

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Christopher Chung/ The Press Democrat
Christopher Chung/ The Press Democrat

State and local governments that continue to allow renters in this pandemic era to delay payments are raising concerns among property owners and managers.

Their looming question: If tenants don’t pay their rent to the landlords, how will property owners pay their mortgages?

Some have already answered that question — by selling off properties.

Keith Becker, general manager for DeDe’s Rentals and Property Management of Santa Rosa, said that of 500 tenants Becker’s company rents to, four have stopped paying, negotiating and communicating. Eleven renters are attempting to pay but have fallen short.

The loss of tenant income has resulted in 12 units leaving the rental market. Eight units are on the market, and property owners plan to sell four.

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