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Firefighters rescue dog and cat from burning Santa Rosa home

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Firefighters freed a dog and cat trapped inside a burning home in northeast Santa Rosa on Tuesday afternoon.

The fire was reported about 1 p.m. in the 900 block of Benton Street.

When firefighters arrived, dark smoke filled the inside of the home, the Santa Rosa Fire Department said.

A fire captain kicked open a door and a dog scurried outside. Firefighters searched the house and discovered nobody was home. One firefighter scooped up a cat, “which was handed off in good condition to a neighbor,” the department said in a news release.

A woman who lived at the house came home and picked up her pets, officials said.

Firefighters had the blaze under control in 15 minutes. It caused about $75,000 in damage, officials said.

The fire started in the kitchen, according to an investigation.

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Sonoma County firefighters receive COVID-19 vaccine

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Not every job asks you to drive toward your death every day.

But these days – in the days of the COVID-19 pandemic – that’s pretty much status quo for first responders.

“Our first responders have no choice but to be exposed to COVID-positive people,” said Mark Heine, Chief for the Sonoma County Fire Protection District. “When we get a 911 call, we are going up against an illness that kills people. We are transporting a person with a virus that kills people.”

Heine is the chief of nine stations covering Windsor, Santa Rosa, Calistoga and Guerneville. The men and women in his crews aren’t just fire fighters. They’re EMT professionals answering the hundreds of daily 911 distress calls populating the local PulsePoint app. They’re the first on the scene when you have a stroke, asthma attack or broken bone.

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