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Direct-to-Consumer California Boutique Bakery, COOKIE…take a bite! Launches Back to College Deliveries

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SANTA ROSA, Calif. /California Newswire/ — Direct-to-consumer Boutique Bakery brand COOKIE…take a bite! will expand its offerings to ship back to school college cookies to share love with the college kids who are facing a new normal.

“We always believe that making high quality cookies are time well spent and we want to be able to offer it as a feel -good option to send to college kids from friends and family who want to share their love with them and their understanding that 2020 hasn’t been easy for them,” said Tracy Mattson, owner of COOKIE…take a bite! “We want them to feel special and spread our message that everyone deserves a good cookie!”

This family owned bakery in Sonoma County, California hand craft these cookies daily. They use the best all-natural ingredients which include local eggs and honey as well as organic butter, milk and flour. “We are excited to bring cookies to another level and make them a tasty, decadent treat for any occasion”. One of their best sellers is their signature award-winning Lemon Moon cookie which is a customer favorite and made with fresh lemons. It is a tangy cookie with a soft, chewy center.

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Santa Rosa food pantry celebrates 15 years of doing God’s work

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Kent Porter / The Press Democrat
Kent Porter / The Press Democrat

Fifteen years have passed since the menace of hunger in Sonoma County spurred to action the congregations of a Jewish synagogue and a Methodist church that shared a sacred space in Santa Rosa.

Elisha’s Pantry was created in July of 2005 alongside the Yulupa Avenue sanctuary shared at the time by Congregation Shomrei Torah and Christ Church United Methodist. Soon, members of Bethlehem Lutheran Church joined in, donating dollars and volunteer hours to the food pantry named for the prophet credited with miracles that included feeding more than 2,000 disciples with just 20 loaves of barley bread and some ears of corn.

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