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‘The heart of Santa Rosa’: Spring Lake Regional Park turns 50

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It was a perfect, warm, weekday afternoon, and a man named Jose sat on a bench at the edge of Spring Lake, resting and stretching his neck during an interlude in his daily walk.

A pair of towering redwoods to his right offered shade. Chirping birds provided ambience. Lush, green plant life all around radiated with a sense of well-being.

A gap in the trees along the shore, one of which arched gracefully so far over that its branches dipped in the water, created a window through which a kayak could be seen gliding across the still lake, against a backdrop of wooded hills.

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The menace of Lake Ralphine: Video appears to show non-native snapping turtle that can lop off toes with a single bite

in Animals

Urgent warning to all bullfrogs, bluegill, California slender salamanders, Western skinks, green sunfish and pond sliders currently living in Santa Rosa’s Howarth Park: An alligator snapping turtle may have moved into the neighborhood.

A Reddit user identified as CRSR707 posted a video Monday that he shot at Lake Ralphine while visiting the park. The longish tail, pointy nose and prehistoric armor plates on the creature gliding underwater were telltale signs.

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End of the line for Sonoma Creek salmon

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The Chinook salmon that have been making their run up the Sonoma Creek watershed are reaching the end of their life cycle. In a Sonoma Ecology Center video, you can catch a glimpse of changes their bodies undergo after navigating many miles of estuary and stream. Their tail fins are particularly damaged from beating repeatedly against rocks; By the end of their long trip, lesions begin to develop on the skin and mouth as the salmon begin to lose their health.


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