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‘The heart of Santa Rosa’: Spring Lake Regional Park turns 50

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It was a perfect, warm, weekday afternoon, and a man named Jose sat on a bench at the edge of Spring Lake, resting and stretching his neck during an interlude in his daily walk.

A pair of towering redwoods to his right offered shade. Chirping birds provided ambience. Lush, green plant life all around radiated with a sense of well-being.

A gap in the trees along the shore, one of which arched gracefully so far over that its branches dipped in the water, created a window through which a kayak could be seen gliding across the still lake, against a backdrop of wooded hills.

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Tree Service Experts Santa Rosa Donates Time and Resources to Community Beautification Project

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Santa Rosa, California –

Santa Rosa, CATree Service Experts Santa Rosa is proud to announce their collaboration with the City of Santa Rosa in a community beautification project. The project aims to improve the visual appeal of local parks, greenways, and public spaces within the city.

The Tree Service Experts Santa Rosa CEO, Robbie Barbera, has long been a passionate advocate for the preservation and protection of trees both in urban and natural settings. However, after seeing the current state of many city parks and greenways, he was inspired to take action and make a difference.

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Tree Service Experts Santa Rosa to Offer Overnight Emergency Tree Removal Services for Storm-Damaged Trees

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Santa Rosa, CA – Tree Service Experts Santa Rosa, a reputable and well-established company located in Santa Rosa, CA, is excited to announce that they are now offering 24/7 emergency tree removal services to their local clients. The company understands the urgency of removing fallen or leaning trees as soon as possible. Therefore, they have implemented a 30-minute response time to emergency tree removal requests to address this need. This means that individuals no longer have to wait until morning hours or put themselves in harm’s way to have a dangerous tree removed.

One of the key features of Tree Service Experts Santa Rosa’s emergency tree removal service is using a crane. This ensures that falling trees are held in place and prevents them from causing further damage to property or injury to people.

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How rare rose preservationists save some flowers from extinction

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When you think of roses, you may not think of them as rare. You can easily find commercially grown roses at your local florist or even at the grocery store.

But when it comes to unique heritage roses, there is a world of collectors and preservationists working hard to keep them alive amid numerous challenges including commercial trends, disease, pests and climate change.

Last weekend, a group of collectors gathered in Southern California to bid on some of the rarest roses in the United States. Many roses on the auction block are no longer available commercially — some were being offered for the first time in the US.

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