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Santa Rosa woman presses authorities to act after her dog is killed in sidewalk attack by another dog

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Susan Standen holds up a photo of her dog Baby Ruth, who was attacked and killed last Saturday by a pit bull that jumped from a car at the corner of Summerfield Road and Hoen Ave. in Santa Rosa. The offending dog's owner drove away and Animal Control, after tracking him down, said they could do nothing if he didn't admit it was his dog. (Photo by John Burgess/The Press Democrat)

Susan Standen and her Maltese mix, Baby Ruth, were inseparable. When Standen would get up to go to another room, she could count on Baby Ruth hopping off the couch to follow.

“She was my shadow,” Standen said. “I’d had her for almost 12 years.”

But emptiness and silence have filled Standen’s Santa Rosa home since Baby Ruth was killed Saturday afternoon in an attack by a large dog that leapt from a nearby vehicle as Standen and Baby Ruth walked their usual route in east Santa Rosa.

The motorist left his vehicle in the middle of the road and raced to pull his dog off of Baby Ruth. It took a few minutes to do so, Standen and witnesses said, and then he got back in his vehicle and drove away.

Baby Ruth died in her arms minutes later as they waited for help on the sidewalk.

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