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Here are the North Bay’s Excellence in Construction Awards winners for 2023

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The builders and visionaries in the North Bay who are remaking the landmarks of the past or establishing the landmarks of the future are being celebrated with this year’s North Bay Business Journal Excellence in Construction Awards.

Formerly known as Top Projects, our awards go to businesses, organizations and individuals who shape our communities through a variety of projects and innovation in construction.

Award winners will be celebrated Nov. 15 at Sally Tomatoes in SOMO Village from 4‒6:30 p.m.

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Sonoma County airport celebrates completion of terminal, announces new additions to airport experience

in News

“A lot of wow” is apparently the reaction officials at the Charles M. Schulz–Sonoma County Airport have been getting in response to the newly finished terminal.

The ribbon cutting marked the completion of the final phase of the $40 million terminal modernization project that has been under construction since 2019.

The terminal officially opened to the public back in November, but the front entrance was only just completed this month.

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Keep an even playing field on city contracts

in Politics

Santa Rosa taxpayers should watch closely Tuesday when the City Council decides whether to limit competition for public works contracts. Millions of public dollars are at stake.

At issue is a proposal to require project labor agreements, also known as community workforce agreements, on capital improvement projects in Santa Rosa valued at $3 million or more.

When the city is spending taxpayer money, public officials should be focused on getting the biggest bang for the buck.

Project labor agreements, which are increasingly common at all levels of government, discourage open competition by imposing union-related costs on all bidders.

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Pomona Drilling Company DJ Scheffler & Nye Tackle Tough Projects

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The next time you visit Grand Canyon Skywalk in northwestern Arizona and marvel at how the semicircular bridge that juts out over the gorge has avoided breaking off and sliding nearly 4,000 feet into the abyss below, thank Pomona-based specialty drilling contractor D.J. Scheffler & Nye Inc.

The 36-year-old company installed the pilings that anchor the bridge to the sandstone cliff. The “micro-pilings” that D.J. Scheffler combined with a special high-strength cement grout have kept the bridge in place since it opened in 2007. Thanks in part to the pilings and the cement, the bridge has the capacity to bear 35,000 tons of weight and withstand winds up to 100 miles per hour.

“Everything about that project was challenging,” company owner and President Dale Scheffler said. “Drilling into a 3,000-foot sandstone cliff, withstanding those ferocious winds, and — above all — the sheer remoteness of the site that required us to haul all our equipment up 20 miles of dirt road.”

But for Scheffler and his specialized foundation drilling and slope repair company, such challenging projects are the bread and butter of the business. He doesn’t even consider the Skywalk project his most challenging.

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