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Sonoma County supervisors unanimously approve $16 million public health strategy to fight coronavirus

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Sergio Guzman of Santa Rosa receives a COVID-19 swab from Sonoma County Public Health nurse Devin Andrews as Nicole Callopy assists, Tuesday, Oct. 20, 2020 at Andy's Unity Park in Santa Rosa. At left is Adriana Andres and Ellen Armour (Kent Porter / The Press Democrat) 2020

Rocio Bermudez, a dance instructor who lives in Santa Rosa’s Roseland neighborhood, has not worked since March. Like many other Sonoma County residents, Bermudez, 50, and her family have mostly stayed home during the pandemic.

But she’s seen a lot of people gathering in her neighborhood, at local parks, on basketball courts and for parties.

“A lot of us are taking precautions, but some in our community are not,” Bermudez said Tuesday afternoon, shortly after she and her daughter were tested for the coronavirus at Andy’s Unity Park in southwest Santa Rosa.

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