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As storm exits Northern California, weather will return to normal — for now

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Residents in the Bay Area and across most of Northern California bore the brunt of yet another storm this week, with impacts ranging from small hail to damaging winds and power outages. This winter-like storm, known as an extratropical cyclone, reeled in some record-tying cold air to San Francisco that made it feel more like mid-January than March. Some of that cold air is still hanging over Northern California, even as the storm fizzles.

That lingering cold air will help raise patches of fog, mist and even isolated showers in remote corners of the Bay Area over the next couple of mornings, but the overall trend is calling for a steady return to warm, dry and sunny conditions by Thursday and Friday afternoons. As is the case with the region’s microclimates, winter’s grip will loosen faster in some areas.

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‘Extratropical cyclone’ is bringing severe weather to parts of California. Here’s what to expect

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Tuesday’s unusual late-season storm is making its rounds across Northern California and will introduce a slew of weather impacts, including strong winds, downpours and thunderstorms, along with the risk of small hail. Most of this severe weather will peak Tuesday morning and steadily drop off by the afternoon across most of the Bay Area, but lingering showers and thunderstorms are forecast to hang around through Wednesday afternoon — well after the worst of the storm has passed.

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Californians eager for sunnier days after relentless winter

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Californians are tired. Tired of the rain, tired of the snow, tired of stormy weather and the cold, relentlessly gray skies that have clouded the Golden State nearly nonstop since late December.

With spring now underway, the state’s 39 million residents are hopeful for sunnier days ahead. But this week’s atmospheric river — the 12th such storm here since late December — had other plans.

The powerful systems dump huge amounts of rain and snow as they bring massive plumes of Pacific moisture into California. They have already wreaked havoc across the state, with a death toll rising as communities dig out and floodwaters recede. High winds toppled trees, snowfall stranded mountain communities and storm surges inundated coastal towns with no end in sight.

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Toppled trees and road closures as Sonoma County weathers latest winter storm

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It wasn’t an atmospheric river and it didn’t come down like recent deluges, but the latest storm to hit Sonoma County put the region closer to some of its wettest rain years by the end of Tuesday.

It also caused a fair share of havoc, with saturated ground and gusty winds contributing to downed trees and rock slides across the region.

Helena Zappelli had what may have been the closest call.

A large cypress toppled 10 feet from her Humboldt Street home in Santa Rosa’s Junior College neighborhood and crushed her Kia Soul.

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North Bay’s next storm expected to bring more widespread rain, winds, downed trees

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The North Bay’s most recent storms are predicted to clear Monday morning, providing a short break before the next storm rolls in Monday night, bringing more widespread rain, up to 25 mph wind gusts and potential weather hazards, according to the National Weather Service.

Showers brought about 0.4 to 1 inch of rain across Sonoma County Sunday morning.

Scattered rains, which were predicted to slow by around 7 p.m. Sunday, could bring another 0.1 of an inch to the valleys and up to 0.5 of an inch in the higher elevations, said Dial Hoang, a meteorologist with the weather service’s Monterey office.

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Warmer, drier weather is returning to the Bay Area. Here’s what’s in store

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The first half of the week was riddled with powerful winds, heavy rain and flooding across Northern California, brought on by a strong storm that tapped into an atmospheric river. That river will quickly run dry this morning, leaving warm air and more pleasant weather in its wake.

Temperatures will steadily rise today, as sunshine prevails and light northeast winds spill into the valleys and basins of the Bay Area. This means that the second half of the week is expected to be warmer, drier and much quieter.

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Where to find free sandbags in Sonoma County ahead of Thursday’s atmospheric river

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Officials are anticipating an atmospheric river to bring flooding, road closures, downed trees and power outages to parts of Sonoma County, Thursday into Friday.

To prepare for potential rising water levels, free sandbags are available at several locations, according to the County of Sonoma’s emergency information page.

The city of Santa Rosa’s sandbag filling station is open for residents throughout the rainy season. They can find sand and bags at the City Municipal Services Center North at 55 Stony Point Road, across from Finley Park, open 24/7. More information can be found at srcity.org/2963/Rain-Ready.

The city of Petaluma has sand and bags available 24/7 at “one or all of the following locations,” including 840 Hopper Street; Prince Park, 2301 East Washington Street; and Leghorn Park, 690 Sonoma Mountain Parkway. More information can be found at cityofpetaluma.org/flood-alert-info.

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Atmospheric river in the Bay Area this weekend? A couple weather models are trending that way

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Yet another round of thunderstorms will drench the Bay Area this morning, with impacts likely similar to Saturday night’s severe weather – which set off car alarms across San Francisco and Oakland.

Wet low-pressure systems continue to chip away at the foundation of a high-pressure system just off the coast of California. Like a dam that’s full of leaks, the foundation of the high-pressure system will continue to fall apart as more rain and thunderstorms break through. If this keeps up, the high-pressure system could collapse by Friday, allowing a torrent of atmospheric moisture to flow into the Bay Area on the weekend.

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Final atmospheric river storm will slam the Bay Area today. Here are the biggest impacts

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A strong high-pressure system in the eastern Pacific Ocean is creeping toward the West Coast, and it’s slated to shut California’s storm door. This is good news for residents across the state who are still reeling from the impacts that were brought on by nearly three weeks of storms — enhanced by a series of powerful atmospheric rivers. But this historic wet pattern isn’t done with Northern California just yet. A final round of moisture from the Pacific Ocean will stream into the Bay Area and Sierra Nevada this afternoon, ushering one last round of rain and snow bands before the wet pattern ends.

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Sonoma County business owners preparing to reopen after days of power outages, flood concerns kept customers away

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Some Sonoma County businesses are having to deal with impacts from the latest round of severe weather.

Several local restaurants, wineries and hotels had to close the past few days after the storm’s brunt was felt Monday. Businesses have been moving perishable foods to non-flood prone restaurants, raising furniture off the ground to prevent water damage and bringing in employees to help clear properties. Amid the closures, little to no revenue is coming in to help offset the added expense.

Here’s how some businesses in Sonoma County are being impacted by the storms:

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