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History of Black Oaks in Sonoma County

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Black Oak was the name of an old mercury mine high in the northeastern corner of Sonoma County. Why the mine was named for this tree is unknown, but Black oaks are found throughout the county, so it’s quite likely there was one growing nearby, perhaps supplying a welcome pool of shade on a hot day.

Right now, Black oaks are sprouting new leaves. If you take a close look, you’ll find the emerging foliage in striking shades of pink and red — colors you’d expect to see on a wildflower, rather than an oak tree.

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Spring Lake Village residents mourn great oak’s passing

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In a steady stream, the people came to see what had happened to the mighty oak. It had been a majestic presence that stood for centuries — before California statehood, before the Spanish missions and before European presence in lands stewarded by the ancestors of living Pomo Natives.

A week ago, the coast live oak stood tall at Spring Lake Village near the edge of Santa Rosa Creek, its full, graceful branches casting shade on the rain-lashed landscape where, for an estimated 276 years, it grew.

But Sunday, its roots apparently loosened in the saturated soil as the weight of extra water in its foliage reached a tipping point, and the massive tree crashed to the ground, breaking through a fence as limbs thick as trees themselves snapped into pieces.

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Toppled trees and road closures as Sonoma County weathers latest winter storm

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It wasn’t an atmospheric river and it didn’t come down like recent deluges, but the latest storm to hit Sonoma County put the region closer to some of its wettest rain years by the end of Tuesday.

It also caused a fair share of havoc, with saturated ground and gusty winds contributing to downed trees and rock slides across the region.

Helena Zappelli had what may have been the closest call.

A large cypress toppled 10 feet from her Humboldt Street home in Santa Rosa’s Junior College neighborhood and crushed her Kia Soul.

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Tree Service Experts Santa Rosa Donates Time and Resources to Community Beautification Project

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Santa Rosa, California –

Santa Rosa, CATree Service Experts Santa Rosa is proud to announce their collaboration with the City of Santa Rosa in a community beautification project. The project aims to improve the visual appeal of local parks, greenways, and public spaces within the city.

The Tree Service Experts Santa Rosa CEO, Robbie Barbera, has long been a passionate advocate for the preservation and protection of trees both in urban and natural settings. However, after seeing the current state of many city parks and greenways, he was inspired to take action and make a difference.

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Tree Service Experts Santa Rosa Introduces New Service to Provide Tree-Based Solutions for Heat Island Mitigation in Urban Areas

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Santa Rosa, CATree Service Experts Santa Rosa, a leading tree care and maintenance provider in the Bay Area, is introducing their new service, Urban Forest Strategies (UFS). The new service aims to provide tree-based solutions for heat island mitigation in urban areas. UFS will use data-driven strategies tailored to the unique challenges urban environments face to create healthier, cooler cities.

Urban Forest Strategies will analyze the existing trees in a particular area and determine the best way to maximize their cooling effect while considering possible challenges such as limited resources or lack of space. This could involve planting more trees to pruning existing ones for better airflow.

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