The retrofitting strategy behind Sonoma Clean Power’s all-electric headquarters

2 December 2022

Sonoma Clean Power, a community-owned electricity provider for California’s Sonoma and Mendocino counties, is the owner of a unique carbon neutral, 15,330-square-foot headquarters in Santa Rosa, California.

“As a public power provider, it is our responsibility to show our customers and community what the ultimate commitment to 100 per cent renewable energy looks like in a world where no fossil fuels are needed,” said Geof Syphers, chief executive of Sonoma Clean Power.

Unlike net zero energy buildings that focus on quantitative emissions reductions, the Sonoma Clean Power headquarters also leverages decarbonization through grid interaction — it takes into consideration when power is produced and used to engage with the electrical grid in an environmentally responsible manner. With buildings accounting for about 70 per cent of electricity use, it is crucial that they play a role in grid decarbonisation.

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