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Where to Get the Best Breakfast Sandwiches in Sonoma County

If breakfast is the most important meal of the day, then the breakfast sandwich is arguably the most important sandwich of all. Paired with a cup of coffee and packed with protein, fiber and carbs, it gives us a much-needed morning boost and is downright delicious: The combination of hot eggs, melted cheese, meat and… Keep Reading

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5 New And Reimagined California Hotels To Visit In 2022

Scouting a new or reimagined hotel is one of my favorite “travel writer” things to do. Exploring a new accommodation is a treasure hunt. What new amenities and comforts are waiting to take guests away from their everyday lives? What is the atmosphere, city buzz, or country quiet? What are the rooms like? What about… Keep Reading

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Where to Get the Best Bagels in Sonoma County

As with most iconic foods, the exact origin of the bagel is largely unknown and highly debated — mostly because ring-shaped bread has been made by a variety of cultures for centuries. However, the earliest known appearance of what resembles the modern-day bagel first appeared in 1300s Poland as obwarzanek, a braided ring of dough that’s boiled, sprinkled… Keep Reading

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